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Get Your Dream Smile with a Full Smile Makeover

Those that have severe damage to their teeth may feel like there is nothing that can give them the bright and beautiful smile they have always wanted. Yet, cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for almost any problem you have with your teeth to be fixed or reversed. From whitening to implants, a full mouth makeover can help you gain your confidence back and the doctors at Trinity Dental Care have the experience needed to give you the best care available in the Westwood, NJ area.

Gaps, Chips, and Cracks

Those gapped teeth that make it hard to speak normally, or that chip you got when you bit down too hard on candy as a kid can easily be fixed or hidden with composite resin. The resin is made of a strong, tooth colored material that is placed in the gaps, chips, and cracks of your teeth and then molded into the correct shape to give your teeth a more uniformed look. The best part is, most people won’t even be able to tell you had anything done.

Even those with more extensive damage or gaps can have porcelain veneers or crowns attached to their existing tooth to hide any flaws and give you back any missing functionality. Both veneers and crowns are made up of a thin cap that is bonded to the damaged tooth for comfort and a strong grip. They are also made up of a strong, tooth colored porcelain material that will blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.


An in office whitening procedure can quickly and effectively remove surface stains to get your teeth back to that clean white. There are a lot of products out there that promise whiter teeth, but nothing will give you the same results in such a short amount of time. Your dentist will make trays fitted to your teeth to keep the gel from touching your gums and use a light that will activate the bleaching components to give you those almost instant results. If you have severely discoloration and stains, veneers can give you the best results.

Missing or Broken Teeth

Implants have given people with missing or broken teeth the ability to have a replacement tooth put in without causing damage to surrounding healthy teeth. They are placed directly into the bone so they are not only sturdy but can also keep the bone from deteriorating. A porcelain crown is placed on top of the implant so you can have full function of the tooth while still maintaining a beautiful and cohesive smile.

Full Mouth Makeover

You don’t have to keep living with the dental problems that cosmetic dentistry procedures can easily fix. If you are in Westwood, NJ area and have been wanting a more attractive smile, or have questions about the other services we provide, please contact one of our dentists for more information today!

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