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Are my teeth too damaged to fix?

You might be surprised how many patients come to our Westwood, NJ dental office with the fear that they will need to have all of their teeth extracted. In many cases, we can save damaged and decayed teeth with the proper restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, or dental implants. 

If you do need full-mouth extractions, it does not mean the end of your favorite foods or a smile that gives you confidence. With dental implants and implant-retained dentistry, you can have your smile back and enjoy the cuisine you love.

Full mouth reconstruction takes a comprehensive approach to dental care and helps people with a number of oral health conditions regain their health and appearance. We begin with a methodical treatment planning approach designed to get your gums healthy and then address each tooth to restore the shape, appearance, and comfortable function, ensuring that the entire system functions in harmony.

  • Add length to worn or broken teeth
  • Protect sensitive or painful teeth
  • Restore the bite and chewing function
  • Address cosmetic concerns such as discoloration
  • Correct misalignment that contributes to wear
  • Provide results that look and feel great

If you are someone who is researching full mouth reconstruction because of a damaged smile, contact Trinity Dental Care to schedule an exam, and we will explain your options for a smile you feel proud of.

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