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What is a "dead tooth?"

If you have ever heard someone mention a dead tooth, you might be alarmed by the description. When people refer to a dead tooth, they most often mean that a tooth has nerve damage and requires a root canal or already has had root canal treatment.

When the root canal develops an infection, root canals can relieve pain and save your tooth from an extraction. To perform this tooth-saving treatment, it is necessary to remove the nerve fibers, blood supply, and bacteria from the inside of the root. As a result, the tooth becomes brittle and is no longer “vital.” 

That does not mean that your root canal tooth is useless, however. Once we place a protective dental crown over the top of the tooth, you can eat normally. The pressure caused by chewing will also stimulate the underlying jawbone, preventing the bone from shrinking away and destabilizing your smile.

If you have heard rumors that root canals are painful procedures, there is no need to worry. Our Westwood dentists will completely numb your tooth before they begin and you will begin to feel better within a day or two after we complete your procedure.

For more information about root canals, contact our Westwood dentists to book an appointment. We will help you make the best choice for your smile.

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