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What is a deep cleaning?

Have you recently discovered that you have periodontal disease and that a deep cleaning is required to restore your oral health? When we recommend teeth cleanings in our Westwood dental office, we explain the type of cleaning you require completely, and deep cleanings are no different.

A deep cleaning simply means that tartar has begun to develop beneath the gumline. Removing the tartar may require one appointment, or a series of appointments, in order to remove the hard substance that is causing gum infection and inflammation.

When necessary, we will anesthetize your gums for improved comfort. Our hygienists are also gentle and will clean your teeth thoroughly without causing discomfort. You might feel some sensitivity for a few days, but it is still important to keep your teeth and gums clean while they heal.

Healthy gums adhere tightly to the teeth without pocketing. When pockets develop, it creates a harbor for bacteria. Removing the tartar will be the first step toward restoring your oral health.

If you need a deep dental cleaning in Westwood, or want advice on how to resolve gum disease, give us a call. We are here to help you enjoy fresh breath and a healthy smile.

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