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Do dental cleanings damage your teeth?

Believing that dental cleanings damage your teeth is a common myth. Granted, if you try scaling your own teeth at home without the proper training and instruments, you can certainly make mistakes that will impact your smile forever. This is particularly important to remember given the number of DIY dental cleanings systems available online. Don’t try it.

Dental cleanings in our Westwood, NJ dental office are completely safe and are actually essential to optimum oral health. Our hygienists have years of training in removing tartar and stains from teeth, as well as methods to keep gums healthy.

Moreover, our dental hygienists ensure that your dental cleanings are comfortable – even when deep cleanings are required. Avoiding regular hygiene appointments allows tartar and bacteria to collect on teeth and beneath the gums where they put your oral health at risk of periodontal disease.

Determining the type of dental cleaning you need requires an exam. We will measure periodontal pockets as part of our evaluation so that we can give you the personally tailored care you need to stay healthy.

For your next dental cleaning, contact our Westwood, NJ dental office. Trinity Dental care will take care of your family’s smiles with both your safety and comfort in mind.

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