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I have difficulty getting numb. Can you help?

At Trinity Dental Care, our dentists strive to make every dental appointment a comfortable experience – from dental implants to root canals. With today’s anesthetic and delivery methods, there is really no reason why even the most complex treatment can't be a pain-free experience.

If you have difficulty getting numb, you might object to that statement because of past experiences. We can help.

Did you know that dental anxiety or fear of pain may work against the anesthetic we use to numb your tooth? One way to address this problem is to provide sedation dentistry options here in our Westwood, NJ dental office.

Sedation calms nervousness and makes it easier to numb the area completely so that you can feel completely comfortable during your procedure. Sedation also makes it possible for patients to get the dental care they need rather than avoiding the dentist out of fear.

We offer oral sedation dentistry, which uses prescription medication to help you relax. You will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment for your safety. Most patients have little or no memory of their appointments and feel completely comfortable. You can contact us to learn if sedation dentistry would work for your particular situation.

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