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What do the numbers mean during my dental cleaning?

Our hygienists are highly trained in every aspect of taking care of your gums. To determine the current status of your oral health, and to identify any signs of periodontal disease in our Westwood, NJ dental office, we measure the pockets between teeth and gums using a small measuring device.

One, two, and three all indicate healthy numbers. The lower the number, the more snugly your gums are sealed to your teeth. This is ideal because it keeps out bacteria and food particles. As gum disease develops, those pockets become larger. You might hear numbers like four, five, or six. These numbers are a signal that your gums are infected.

We offer a variety of periodontal treatments in our Westwood, NJ dental office. Depending on the severity of the infection, we might begin with an advanced dental cleaning to remove bacteria to promote healing.

As the infection progresses, we offer laser gum treatments to remove damaged tissue and to help gums begin the regeneration process.

Identifying bleeding points is also a part of every periodontal exam. Bleeding when flossing or brushing is often an indication of gum disease in its early stages. No matter what level of health you are experiencing, we will help you get back to a healthy smile.

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