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My smile was damaged in an accident. Can you fix it?

Unfortunately auto accidents and sport injuries put smiles at risk. We do offer preventive options using athletic mouthguards, but if your smile is already damaged, we can help with that too.

Accidents damage teeth, making them look broken or even causing tooth loss. Severe damage can also make them painful and sensitive. At Trinity Dental Care, our dentists are skilled in full mouth reconstruction and complete smile makeovers to repair multiple teeth at once – even when they all need repairs! Knowledge of occlusion (bite) and the function of your jaw and bite is essential to rebuilding your smile successfully. Our dentists have sought additional training to ensure our patients get great results.

Typically, we will first focus on reliving any discomfort associated with your accident or injury. Once we stabilize the situation, we can talk about making your smile look beautiful again using a variety of restorative options.

Crowns – Rebuilds and protects remaining tooth structure
Veneers – Covers damaged front teeth
Dental implants – Replaces teeth that got knocked out
Dentures – Replaces multiple missing teeth at once

An accidents or sports injury does not have to be the end of a beautiful smile. Contact our Westwood, NJ dental office to learn more about full mouth reconstruction and full smile makeovers designed to give your smile back.

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