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How can I stop snoring?

If you snore loudly and share your bed with your partner, you have probably received some pokes, nudges, and complaints throughout the night. While you may not realize that you snore, it could prevent your partner from sleeping soundly. Don’t sleep on the couch! Trinity Dental Care can help both you and your partner enjoy restorative sleep.

If you want to stop snoring, your Westwood, NJ dentist is a great resource. In the meantime, here are a few ways to reduce, or at least quiet, your snoring.

Avoid alcohol and smoking – Both alcohol and smoking increase the likelihood that you will snore. Smoking causes inflammation of the throat tissues and alcohol causes them to over relax.

Specific medications – Some medications can cause throat muscles to become saggy and overly relaxed. Discuss your medication with your doctor if you want an alternative.

Excess weight – If you carry a few extra pounds, reducing your weight by as little as 5-10 percent can reduce snoring and improve your overall health.

Anti-snoring appliance – A custom oral appliance designed by your Westwood dentist can stop snoring, or reduce it dramatically. Oral appliance therapy gently repositions the jaw to move throat and neck tissues and open the airway.

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