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My teeth are worn and it hurts when I chew. What can I do?

Years of teeth grinding and a misaligned bite can mean that you have worn down teeth that feel tender or sensitive when you chew. Teeth grinding wears away enamel and exposes dentin, which is closer to the nerve. As you chew the pressure and temperature from foods causes a painful zing. 

In addition to sensitive teeth, you might notice that your jaw becomes painful, or clicks and pops when you chew. As teeth are worn away, the jaw no longer comes to rest in its ideal position and might over-close, causing strain on the jaw joint.

Seeking advice and treatment from experienced dentists in Westwood, NJ can help you regain your smile. Using a combination of restorative and therapeutic treatments, our dentists provide full smile rehabilitation to give patients their smiles again.

Restoring the shape and size of teeth with dental crowns and fillings, in addition to replacing missing teeth, can help patients experience a greater quality of life by allowing them to comfortably eat their favorite foods and to smile with confidence.

Protecting your new smile with a nightguard to prevent damage caused by a bruxism habit. Contact our Westwood, NJ dental office to learn more about full smile makeovers.

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