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Will I need attachments with my Invisalign?

Attachments are tiny, tooth-colored buttons designed to assist your clear braces with the proper movement of teeth. When we recommend Invisalign braces in our Westwood, NJ dental office, we will always discuss whether your teeth will require attachments. If you do need them, there is no reason to be concerned. Attachments are temporary, and we will remove them when your Invisalign treatment is complete. No one will ever know they were there except you and your dentist.

We recommend that you wear your Invisalign braces for at least 22 hours per day. While they are removable, you should only take them out to clean your teeth, eat, and for the occasional special event.

Keeping your teeth clean will prevent dental conditions from developing with the use of your Invisalign aligners. While brushing your teeth once daily is sufficient when you are not undergoing orthodontic treatment, with Invisalign you should brush after each meal to avoid trapping food between your teeth and aligners because it can cause decay.

You should also floss your teeth regularly to avoid gum disease. 

If you are interested in Invisalign braces and live in the Westwood area, give Trinity Dental Care a call.